Building inclusive


where diversity 


Based in Copenhagen, working internationally.

Diversity Factor helps organisations achieve innovation, engagement and growth by developing and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies.

We believe that organisational excellence is linked to a diverse and engaged workforce,

and we help you create the environment where diversity thrives.

What we do

Diversity Factor Strategy
Diversity Factor Culture Analysis
Diversity Factor Communication


We help you communicate what makes you great, internally and externally.


We, at Diversity Factor, design and help you implement your D&I policies and strategies.


We analyse your organisational culture to address potential barriers to your D&I strategy and implementation.

Diversity Factor Network

D&I Lab

We provide you with access to a network of peers and experts from a variety of industries and exchange key insights on D&I.


It is not about finding the best person for the job, but instead about finding the best person for the team.

Diversity Factor D&I Partner

D&I Partner

We are your key partner on D&I providing state of the art insights, on a global level.

Diversity Factor
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Get our news and updates on diversity and inclusion practices, opinions, insights and exclusive networking events.

Diversity Factor, c/o Founders House, Njalsgade 21G, 7. sal, DK-2300 Copenhagen S

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