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We analyse your organisational culture to address potential barriers to your D&I strategy and implementation.

You already know that culture eats strategy for breakfast. We agree. When you don’t understand your culture, strategy and changes are impossible to be implemented. 

Instead of asking what an organisation is, we ask how the organisation and thereby also the culture is perceived - by current and potential employees and other key stakeholders.

We analyse your organisational culture through qualitative and quantitative data, organisational structures such as recruitment and promotion policies, and your formal and informal communication to identify pain points to your strategy implementation.

Sounds like something you could benefit from? Get in touch to learn more about our methods.

We help you communicate what makes you great, internally and externally.

Communication to both your employees and your different stakeholders  is key to your growth. We help you develop your communication plans in order to ensure leadership commitment and employee advocacy through the entire organisation and at the same time ensure a strong Employer Value Proposition that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Our approach is tailor-made. Get in touch to learn what we can do for you.


We provide you with access to a network of peers and experts from a variety of industries and exchange key insights on D&I.

Gaining access to our carefully curated D&I Lab gives you the freedom to discuss the challenges you are facing, issues related to D&I and gather inspiration, inputs and insights from peers and experts. We create a confidential space, where you can address challenges and exchange ideas, developments and insights on D&I with peers from similar or different industries to yours. 

Sounds interesting? Get in touch to learn more, or download our D&I Lab programme for 2020 right here.

D&I Lab


It is not about finding the best person for the job, but instead about finding the best person for the team.

We are experts in finding you the right talents for Sales, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources Management and Business Development teams. We analyse the team composition, stakeholder reach in the job, shortlist and screen the right people by applying a D&I lens to the team, not the job.

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D&I Partner

We are your key partner on D&I providing state of the art insights, on a global level.

Diversity and Inclusion frameworks and topics can be complex and are constantly evolving. We have the latest knowledge, are updated on legislation within the EU and have insights on the UN SDGs, which we can share with you to address specific challenges.

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We design and help you implement your D&I policies and strategies.

Your D&I strategy and (equal opportunities) policies are crucial to your organisation’s wellbeing and to the performance of your employees.

Based on the cultural analysis, we develop strategy and policies that fit the challenges you face in your industry. We keep it simple and develop specific objectives, frameworks and tools for you to work on.

Get in touch to talk more about what we could do for your strategy and policies.

Culture Analysis

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