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Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a strategy. The key to harnessing the powers of diversity is to build inclusive environments, where everybody feels safe and can be their true self. When we get to that inclusive sweet spot, we will start to see the powerful effects of diversity; happier employees, more innovation and increased financial performance.

But, how do we get to that place?

Diversity Factor is happy to present the Inclusive Sweet Spot training for individuals, organisations and big and small companies.

The online collaborative training workshop enables you to learn about your biases, raise your level of self-awareness and encourages you to practice a more inclusive mindset. Rather than approaching one-off D&I topics (e.g., unconscious bias) as isolated academic concepts, we will teach you how to think about D&I issues using basic social justice frameworks and critical analysis skills.

During the two hours, we will do a short presentation on conscious and unconscious biases, privilegies, practical awareness and mindfulness exercises as well as engage in an online group discussion along with actual suggestions that aim to create inclusive environments.

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Online training

Each workshop consists of maximum 10 persons to ensure learning and speaking time for everyone.


Access the workshop from anywhere. You just need to install Zoom. 


Only €99 ex. VAT to particapate in the training

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Your Trainer

Helene is the CEO of Diversity Factor. For the past two years, she has worked intensively with diversity and inclusion. According to her, diversity is a numbers game, and inclusion is a behavioural game. She will facilitate the online workshop, make sure everybody is heard and present the latest knowlegde. Learn more about Helene here.

Tailor-made team workshop

Looking to tailor-make the online worhshop for your specific team? Just reach out, and we will make sure to design the workshop so that it fits your needs, no matter team size and compesition, industry and level of knowlegde and experience with diversity and inclusion.

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