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Newsletter 3 Janaury 2020

One of our prime goals for this new decade is to build inclusive environments in companies and society as such, where diversity thrives. For us diversity is not just gender. It is also ethnicity, cognitive approaches, age, disabilities and sexuality. We want to enable companies to have working environments, where everybody feels safe and feel like they can be their true self, when going to work. It’s human nature to feel like we belong. To feel safe enough to voice our opinion. To feel accepted and respected for who we are. 

We gotta start somewhere. We believe that people need to meet face2face to solve the challenges of the future. To learn from each other. To learn from others. To be in a safe and confidential space, where there are no right or wrong answers.


Building for the long term

Time magazine named Greta Thunberg as ‘Person of the Year’ this week...

13 December 2019 \\ Newsletter

What to look for in regards to companies D&I efforts

From time to time, I get the question from either friends or family members, how they can know, if a company is inclusive.

6 Decmeber 2019 \\ Newsletter

Diverse teams crash during the first six months

When I started my Masters degree at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), back in 2006, all students were put into groups created by the administration.

29 November 2019 \\ Newsletter

Hello unconscious bias, how have you been?

I dropped a clanger in last week’s newsletter. A big one. One of those that are really embarrassing...

22 November 2019 \\ Newsletter 

Fix the system, not the women

On LinkedIn, there is right now a person in a video teaching body language for women. 

15 November 2019 \\ Newsletter 

Our default human is a white, heterosexual cis-man

This week, I’ve been talking a lot about diversity and inclusion. No shit, Sherlock! 

8 November 2019 \\ Newsletter

If you're not afraid of KPI's, then why are you afraid of quotas?

When discussing gender equality in business in Denmark, we often end up discussing quotas. 

1 November 2019 \\ Newsletter

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